Get better results on the golf course

driver getting ready to hi the golf ball off the golf tee

Becoming a better golfer doesn’t just happen overnight. Just like with all things in life, the more you work at something, the more effort you put forth, the better your results will be.

Here are 3 positive golfing habits you can work on to help you become a more successful golfer:

  1. Play with gratitude
    Putting things into perspective can change your whole outlook on life and in this case your golf game. Start your time on the course being grateful that you can even play golf. Remind yourself that not everyone is as fortunate as you to have the disposable income for greens fees and equipment, the physical ability to swing a golf club, and time for a leisurely activity that can consume half of the day. It is a privilege to play golf, and when you step on the course reminded of that, it can help put your mind in a place that will allow you to enjoy yourself more and play better.

  2. Play with intent
    If you increase your practice to 3-4 times per week, instead of 1-2 times per week, you might think that’s a guaranteed quick improvement in your golf game. That may be true, however, practice doesn’t make perfect if you are not doing it correctly. Not everyone has an endless amount of time to work on their golf game, so whatever time you do have you want to make it count. Practicing smarter, challenging yourself, and staying engaged in your practice sessions will always have a positive impact to your overall game. Work towards becoming a smarter course manager by picking optimal targets and clubs based on your skill level and the layout of each hole; this goes for tee shots, approach shots and your short game.
  3. Review your rounds
    Guess what? The secrets to where you can improve your game aren’t really secrets at all, they are right there, in plain sight, you just have to look at them. Evaluating your rounds after you’ve finished them can help you see where you did well that day and where you struggled. Was your short game off? Were you misreading the greens? Were your nerves getting in the way? These clues can help you focus on where your game needs to improve and how to play to your strengths. There are shot tracking systems like GAME GolfShot Scope, and Arccos that make keeping track of your info and setting reasonable goals for your game easier than ever.