Teach kids the game of golf

Kids playing golf at Hartford Greens Country Club

We strongly encourage you to teach kids the game of golf.

Here in the state of New York many youth, high school and college sports have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, golf courses have been able to remain open and provide an outdoor sport not only for adult golfers, but for golfers of all ages.

More kids are playing golf, and many compete at local and state levels to win scholarships for college. The world-renowned American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) can attest to the growth of young golfers.

Golf is a great way to get the kids physically active in a safe environment and teach them a sport they’ll love for life.

The benefits go beyond physical fitness too — it can help with mental and emotional development as well as help develop social and emotional skills that will last their whole lives.

Golf offers great life lessons. Lessons like patience, persistence, problem solving, respect, quiet, and focus which can be translated into everyday life. Golf could be one of the best things you can do to set kids up for success in all aspects of life, so start teaching them young.

Another great thing about golf is that anyone can play — whether young or old, tall or short, you can play golf — it doesn’t require a certain physique to start. Additionally, it’s a fun activity the whole family can enjoy together!

There are many rules to the game of golf, but those can be introduced slowly. Instead of focusing on rules, here are 3 tips for teaching kids the game of golf:

  1. Make it FUN!!
    Teaching young children is a privilege and a huge responsibility. We all want children to learn the “right” way to do things. When teaching a child the game of golf the challenge is to teach them the fundamentals (correct club grip, etc.), while also letting them just have fun. Let them explore the game on their own and explain the things they are curious about. Do more ‘playing’ than teaching and your kids will learn to associate going golfing as something they can’t wait to do. Young kids tend to classify events as either “fun” or “not fun.” Getting criticized is not fun for kids. They can take it as they did something wrong, as opposed to doing something incorrectly. Give your little golfer lots of praise when deserved, like “great shot,” or “good swing.”
  2. Make the most of your time on the course
    Bring kids to the golf course later in the evening, or any day when the course is not crowded. Then you do not have to worry about holding up the group behind you while you allow your kid to chase their golf ball, rake every bunker, and sink putts over and over. Be sure to use the practice green as much as the practice range. Feed your child’s curiosity about chipping and putting and it will pay off later.
  3. Give them the right equipment
    Just like you wouldn’t want to be using clubs that are too short, you can’t expect a child to do well if they are using adult clubs that are too long. Adult clubs can also be too heavy for kids to swing properly. Make sure your little golfer has the right sized equipment and you’ll give them the best shot at having good swings and in turn making great shots.

Bring your children to the golf course to share quality time together, while also teaching them to love the game of golf. Kids 12 and under can play the Hartford Greens Country Club course for free.