Join our golf leagues at Hartford Greens Country Club

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Golf Leagues

Joining a golf league can offer many benefits to your golf game. This year we encourage you to join one of our friendly golf leagues for seniors, men, women, couples and beginners. Here are four reasons why you should join our golf leagues: 1. A golf league is fun!… Golf is meant to be enjoyed. Joining a league allows you to play with friends and/or get to know new people. 2. You will play more golf! You have a weekly scheduled time to golf. Joining a league will help you play more often. 3. You will play better golf! Friendly…

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Laying pipe in cart path

Cart path improvements

Course Manager, Dylan Faille, has been working to improve the golf cart path conditions here at Hartford Greens Country Club. We wanted to share a few pictures taken last month of work that’s been done along the cart path: We are open for the 2021 season. Book your next tee time with us now!

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Under construction at Hartford Greens Country Club

Under Construction

Please be aware Hartford Greens Country Club is currently under construction. We ask that you please EXCUSE our appearance, while we continue to work on improvements around the golf course. As we plan to open up the driving range and the back 9 of the course (for walkers only- too wet for carts) today- Monday, April 5, 2021 (UPDATE: All 18 holes are open with carts)– we wanted to let you know we have several projects we will be finishing up this week, which include: We had a new well put in and the water lines need to be installed….

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Bridge from Hole 1 at Hartford Greens Country Club

Bridge Work

As you return to golf at Hartford Greens Country Club this year, you will notice the bridge work along our cart path that has taken place during the off-season. We know this will make your trip through the course a more comfortable and enjoyable one!! Also, in case you didn’t notice, you can now book tee times online! We will be welcoming back golfers to the driving range and to walk the course starting April 1, 2021. Bridge from Hole 1: Return Bridge from Hole 9: Bridge at Hole 7: Bridge between holes 13 and 14:

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Currently, the cart path still has some snow, but course will be open to walkers on April 1, 2021.

April 1- Welcoming Golfers back to use Driving Range and WALK the course

Hey GOLFERS!! We’ve missed you!! Our course conditions are still pretty wet, and parts of the cart paths are still covered in snow, but we will be opening the driving range and course to WALKERS on Thursday, April 1. Fingers crossed we get some sunny days to melt the remaining snow and dry us out, so we can open the course with carts soon!! In the meantime, we look forward to seeing those of you looking to hit the range or walk the course next week!! Also, you can now book your tee time online- just click here!

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2021 golf at Hartford Greens Country Club

What will 2021 golf look like?

Pretty safe to say no one predicted what would happen around the world in 2020. So, to venture a guess as to what 2021 will bring is just that- a guess. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the shut down of schools, work places, restaurants, etc. Golf was even shut down for a brief time at the beginning, but was then allowed again. Golf suddenly became the safe go-to activity in an otherwise threatening world. Men and women who had previously had a love for the game, were happy to have golf as an outlet from stressful times and a way to…

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2021 Hartford Greens Country Club Memberships

2021 Golf Membership

A lot of decision making goes into getting a golf membership. Luckily for you, we’re here to help! Read on for our 6 Reasons to purchase a Hartford Greens Country Club Golf Membership in 2021: 1. Golfers with a membership are statistically better golfers If you want to be a better golfer (and who doesn’t?), then joining a golf membership may be one of the best ways for you to reach your goal. It sounds simple, but playing more golf is the number one way to improve your game. 2. Spend time with friends and make new ones One of the best things…

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Garbage receptacles built for course out of reclaimed pallets

Great work fellas

Wanted to give a shout out to a couple of the Hartford Greens Country Club crew members- Gary and Don for making some awesome garbage receptacles for the course. This is a picture of the large garbage receptacle, which is placed out by the parking lot. Gary and Don also built smaller ones that were put at every hole on the course. These were made from reclaimed pallets and inside they also have chlorine buckets to hold the recycling at each hole. AWESOME work fellas 👍! In the upcoming months we will continue making course improvements. We have a shale…

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Course closing for Winter

Course Closing for Winter

ATTENTION Golfers:Tomorrow, Friday, December 4th is looking like the last day we will be open for the 2020 season (unless, by some miracle the weather takes a turn for the better on Saturday). We hope to see you on the course enjoying a final round of 2020 with us! Thank you all for the support over these past few months. It’s been tremendous. We’ve got lots of work planned for while we are closed for the winter. We look forward to our opening day of 2021 and to show you all our off season improvements. Check the site for our…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from our family to yours. We are thankful for sunny days , kind souls , friends , family , our staff , our veterans and you ! We hope you all get delicious birdies and have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

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