4 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Golf Leagues

Join our golf leagues at Hartford Greens Country Club

Joining a golf league can offer many benefits to your golf game. This year we encourage you to join one of our friendly golf leagues for seniors, men, women, couples and beginners.

Here are four reasons why you should join our golf leagues:

1. A golf league is fun!… Golf is meant to be enjoyed. Joining a league allows you to play with friends and/or get to know new people.

2. You will play more golf! You have a weekly scheduled time to golf. Joining a league will help you play more often.

3. You will play better golf! Friendly competition drives you to improve your game. Even in a causal league, you will still want to play your best.

4. Learn from golfing with better players. There is a lot to learn from watching the technique of other players on the course.

Quite simply, the league will give you a reason to get out and play! Like the old saying goes, “A bad day of golf beats a good day at the office any day.”

If you are interested in learning more, or joining today, please fill out our online league request form or call the club house at 518-632-9632 during business hours.