Golf Club Guide for Beginner’s

Golf Clubs

For people just picking up golf, finding the right set of clubs can be challenging. There are numerous types and models available to purchase, and you want to ensure that you improve your golf game. This guide will share some common types of golf clubs and their uses.

4 Popular Types of Golf Clubs

  1. Woods
    Despite their name, these clubs are made with steel, and they include fairway wood clubs and drivers. These clubs are designed to propel golf balls as far as possible, with experienced golfers typically sending their balls 200-350 yards away. Fairway woods can be used for shorter distances along the course or if you’re struggling with your driver. Wood drivers are most often used for the first shot from the teeing ground, and they have large club heads and the longest shafts of any type of club.

  2. Putters
    These golf clubs are only used on or around the green and they’re used more often than any other club and designed to send the ball a short distance. They have a flat clubface with only a few degrees of loft so that the ball does not bounce when you hit it.

    The loft refers to the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and distance. Metal or plastic is usually used as an insert to give them a smooth feel. They come in many sizes but usually fall between 32-36 inches long.

  3. Irons
    These golf clubs are used for hitting balls from the fairway to the green. When looking at them, you’ll notice they are numbered 1-9, which refers to their loft. Lower numbers have less loft, and higher numbers have more. The lower numbered irons will project shots higher, but the balls will travel a shorter distance and stop more quickly.

    Higher numbered irons will make balls travel the farthest. Their clubheads are made of metal and smaller than those of woods.

  4. Wedges
    Wedges are designed to send the ball high into the air without propelling it too far. They have a high loft, ranging from 45-64 degrees. Specialty wedges can be used to get you out of sand bunkers and tall grass.

    Golfers often carry several wedges with different lofts for use in a variety of conditions. The most popular wedge club is a pitching wedge, which has the lowest loft angle and can send the ball the farthest. This type is often included in golf club sets, while others will need to be purchased separately.