Fall on the golf course at Hartford Greens Country Club

Open until December

We plan to remain open until December and thanks to some quick action by owner, Mark Faille we will be able to do so with golf carts! Last week we were left in an unfortunate situation by our previous golf cart rental company- as they came and took our rented golf carts away without notice. We are extremely grateful to Collin Hunter of Five Star Golf Cars for supplying us with golf carts so quickly last Friday and in doing so allowing us to provide golf carts to our patrons. With the unseasonably warm weather this past week, it has…

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night sky over Hartford Greens Country Club

Sunset on the course

These sunset colors over the course are just too beautiful not to share. The forecast for this weekend is gorgeous! Mostly sunny with highs in the upper 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s. Just gorgeous whether you will be out on the course early or late in the day. Plus, the fall colors are really starting to pop on the trees, so the foliage make for spectacular views and a beautiful backdrop to your golf game. Hope to see you this weekend! Share pictures of yourself out on our course with us on Facebook- we’d love to see!

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