Dozen golf balls

Used Golf Balls Available in the Pro Shop

Looking for some golf balls? Stop in the Pro Shop and take a look at our “egg” cartons. We have several different options of used golf balls available. IS A NEW GOLF BALL BETTER THAN A USED GOLF BALL? There’s little to no difference between the performance of a new golf ball and a gently used one. Think about it this way: when you’ve used a brand new golf ball, is there a noticeable difference between the first and second time you hit it? Remember, the second you hit a new golf ball, it becomes used. Many recycled golf balls…

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Frost Delay

Frost Delay to opening today (Nov. 4). We’re coming into that frosty time of year here in Upstate New York. Although golf course turf is normally resilient to traffic, when ice crystals form inside the plants, they become brittle and vulnerable to damage. There will be a frost delay at Hartford Greens Country Club any time the temperatures are below 32 degrees and frost is on the course. We do not like delaying your play anymore than you like waiting, but we have to allow nature to take its course and prevent damage to our course. So, next time the temperatures drop into the freezing range, do yourself a favor and call the clubhouse to ask if there is a delay before heading out for your early tee time.