Update from New Owners

Phil painting the bathroom

A quick update on what we’ve done and have in the works since taking over the course on Friday, July 31:

  • We have purchased 7 newer golf carts, 2 of the seven are 4 seaters.
  • We are meeting the Covid-19 regulations. Wiping down and sanitizing each cart when its returned.
  • We are installing ball cleaners on every cart.
  • We are renovating the bathrooms, putting A/C in them and have hired someone to clean them regularly.
  • We have hired 2 new grounds keepers to keep the course in tip top shape.
  • We are renovating the reception area and have increased our snack and beverages that are available.

MORE TO COME SOON! We appreciate your patience as we work to get this course running to it’s full potential. The warm welcome and support from the community has been amazing!!