Golf Course Bird Houses

Course Bird Houses

Scoring a birdie during a game of golf is an accomplishment that typically arises through skill and experience, although it’s also occasionally possible to make a birdie through luck. A birdie is a score of one shot below par and is possible on any hole.

It may be difficult to score a birdie, but here at Hartford Greens Country Club we are making it easier for you to see them! LOL

The next time you enjoy a day of golf on our 18 hole public course you are sure to notice lots of new bird houses placed throughout the course.

Course Bird Houses
These bird houses were built by our Event Coordinator, Gary Scrime.

Spring migration brings back many beautiful birds to our area. Bluebirds, purple martins, house wrens, chickadees, tree swallows and house sparrows are the most common birds that nest in houses.

My guess is if you love golf you also love the outdoors! Well, our golf course is not only a place to enjoy fine tuning your golf game and trying to score a birdie on your next shot, it is also a place to enjoy the beauty of nature here in gorgeous Washington County NY.

At Hartford Greens Country Club we are surrounded by majestic rolling hills and wild life. Our course was carved into the natural existing landscape and has long been a favorite of bird watchers.

Book your next tee time today! And, if you happen to make a birdie, or pot any birds throughout the course please snap a photo and share your great fortune with us on Facebook.