PLEASE! Repair Your Divots

We have been getting reports from our patrons that some of you are not repairing divots throughout the course.

PLEASE!! Help keep the course nice for yourself and your fellow golfers. Take the extra 10 seconds and repair your divots. This is an easy way to care for the course, while helping others to enjoy their round.

How to Repair Your Divot

Golfer repairing the divot after stroke

Find the turf that was sliced off from the fairway. If you’ve taken a “clean divot,” you’ll find the turf still in one, neat piece. Sometimes the turf will be in bits and pieces. Just retrieve it the best you can, and replace it in the ground. If your divot is in one piece, then fit it back into the ground the same way it came out (as you would a puzzle piece). If it’s in multiple pieces, just do the best job you can to make it fit neatly back into place. Once the turf is back in the ground, tamp down with your foot, and you’re done.

An unrepaired divot can take months to heal, and it may never fully recover, so again, please help our groundskeeper and your fellow golfers out ~ next time you play a round repair your divots.

We truly appreciate your support! Click here to book your next tee time or give us a call at 518-632-9632.