What will 2021 golf look like?

2021 golf at Hartford Greens Country Club

Pretty safe to say no one predicted what would happen around the world in 2020. So, to venture a guess as to what 2021 will bring is just that- a guess.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the shut down of schools, work places, restaurants, etc. Golf was even shut down for a brief time at the beginning, but was then allowed again.

Golf suddenly became the safe go-to activity in an otherwise threatening world. Men and women who had previously had a love for the game, were happy to have golf as an outlet from stressful times and a way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. It also introduced people to the game for the first time.

July 31, 2020- Enter new course owner, Mark Faille and his son Dylan. The goal for Mark and Dylan was simple- keep the course, formerly known as Pole Valley Players Club, alive and bring it to it’s full potential for those in the community to enjoy.

Owning and operating a golf course is a lot of work, sunrise to sundown. The Faille’s don’t shy away from hard work and long hours. Mark started Simply Grazin’ farms in 1997 and today it has grown to be the east coast’s premiere producer of 100% grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork. Dylan has been an integral member of the farm operations; helping at all locations in NJ, NY and VA. When Mark mentioned the opportunity at the golf course, Dylan was up for the challenge of managing.

Before the Faille’s had officially closed on the course they reached out to Pole Valley patrons looking for suggestions and recommendations for them as new owners. They wanted to know what the public wanted the course to offer, and where the public saw opportunities to improve.

The public did not disappoint with recommendations and well wishes. And, although some Pole Valley patrons were hesitant to accept the change in course ownership, once they realized the Faille family was in it for the right reasons, they were also quick to offer feedback and support.

Improvements were quickly visible in the clubhouse and around the course as the Faille’s and the Hartford Greens Country Club staff went to work. Something notable was the addition of a large outdoor tent behind the clubhouse.

This year, Hartford Greens Country Club stayed open into the month of December. After “Closing for Winter” on December 4 the course had customers reach out asking if they could play the course if walking. Dylan happily extended weekend hours to accommodate the requests of patrons.

“With COVID and everything I’ll do my part for helping peoples sanity. I’ll be there cleaning up and working so I’ll do a Christmas present to everyone and open this weekend. Happy Holidays!!”

While no one can predict what 2021 will bring, assuredly, Hartford Greens Country Club can tell you that the course will look better with each passing day, week and month.

Spring 2021 here we come!!